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Traxxas #2932 EZ-Peak™ 2amp Charger

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Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 2amp Charger

Traxxas EZ-Peak 2-amp Charger is an advanced, multi-current smart charger optimized for Traxxas® 6V-9.6V (5-8 cell) NiMH battery packs. The charger utilizes a proprietary 4-stage charging cycle to maximize both battery life and capacity. Includes a selectable 1 or 2-amp charge rate. The charger automatically determines the correct charging voltage. The EZ-Peak 2-amp charger features reverse-polarity protection, an automatic shutoff feature, and auto trickle charging.


EZ-Peak™ 2amp Charger Features

  • Traxxas high-current connector (patented)
  • Easy plug-in and charge operation
  • Fast charges 5-8 cell packs
  • Fast Charges the Series-1 battery packs for your Traxxas 1/16 models in about 35 minutes!
  • Traxxas lifetime electronics warranty
  • NiCad and NiMH compatible
  • No complicated menus or setups, just plug it in and start charging!
  • Advanced peak detection circuitry delivers a full charge every time with no guesswork.
Part # Description  
2932 Charger, EZ-Peak AC NiMH charger, 2 amp fast charging