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Thunder Tiger Phillip Screw Driver (L:120)

RM 39.99

Thunder Tiger Phillips Screw Driver 
This is a metric phillips driver from Thunder Tiger with silver/gray high grip handles. The tips of these drivers are replaceable, so if you break a tip you can just buy a new tip and not an entire replacement tool. These are also nice because they have long 120mm long shafts on them, making them great for accessing hard to reach places. Thunder Tiger wrenches also have a cap on the end of the wrench that will open up allowing you to store screws, nuts and bolts inside the wrench if you desire.


  • TT1185 Phillip Screw Driver (L:120) 2.0mm
  • TT1186 Phillip Screw Driver (L:120) 3.0mm
  • TT1187 Phillip Screw Driver (L:120) 4.0mm
  • TT1188 Phillip Screw Driver (L:120) 6.0mm