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Soldering Gun - LTQ-80 20-200w / AC200-240w

RM 59.99

20w,30Wand 40W model: Radio controls,hobbies and crafts,small  electrical parts.
                               > 60W:---------------------------  Household electrical appliances capacitors,etc

How to solder :

1)File off any dirt,rust or paint on the part you wish to solder

2)Heat the part with the soldering iron

3)Apply resin-based solder to the part and melt it with the soldering iron.
Note :When using non-resin based solder,be sure to apply a solder paste to the part before applying the solder.

4)Wait for the solder to cool and harden before moving the soldered part

1)Handle the heated soldering iron with extreme.Care,as the high temperature of the iron can cause fires or painful burns.

2)The first time you use the soldering iron it may smoke slightly as the heating element dries out.This is normal and should only last for approx . 10 minutes.

3)Never file the specially-plated tip