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SANWA Telemetry Logger System TLS-01

RM 180.00

With the TLS-01 Sanwa introduces a new telemetry system logger. The TLS-01 is like a receiver simply tied with a Sanwa transmitter and the measured values can spend and save live. The complete data can be saved on the device thanks logger function and can be evaluated according to the course or on the PC. 

The TLS system works with the Sanwa M11X FHSS3/FH4T modes stations, MT-4, MX-3X and EXZES-X. With an extra receiver directly to the data logger also with almost all other commercially available transmitters (Futaba, Spektrum, LRP, KO, etc.).

  • Storage and Displayable signals:
    • Throttle / brake
    • Steering
    • Lap times
    • Receiver voltage
    • Speed or velocity
    • Temperature (using 2 sensors possible)
  • Display of stored data:
    • Display all recorded signals graphically and numerically
    • Distance between two data points can be adjusted (zoom into the diagram)
    • Data archiving and processing as a CSV file for PC (external Sanwa data cable needed: # 107A20423A)
  • Fahrstil-/Setupanalyse via PC :
    • Analysis of multiple data sets on a PC
    • Free pc link manager software available in download on
  • Temperatur-/Spannungsüberwachung :
    • Audible warning if the voltage of the receiver battery (programmable)
    • Acoustic warning when this is too high