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Q-world #1002S-Micro Fail Safe

RM 69.99

Q-World CPU fuzzy system with low battery warning. Suitable for a 4.8V - 6V receiver power source.

Fail-safe brake setup:
* Connect the fail-safe unit to throttle / break servo and
* Be sure to observe the polarity of the wire leads.
* Apply full brakes on transmitter and press the set key
for two seconds until you see the flashing red light pause.
* Check the function prior to actual operation by turning on the transmitter and moving throttle stick up and / or to brakes position.
* Then turn the transmitter off to insure fail safe has applied brakes.

Status LED :
Red (Flash) : when transmitter does not receive any interference. (ready to go)
Red (Solid) : there is radio interference. (Do not run)
Red (Solid) : Low battery warning. (Do not run)