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ProCircuit #PCW-1006-R Road Runner Buggy

RM 159.99

ProCircuit #PCW-1006-R Road Runner Buggy "WE" Red 1/8 Buggy Tyres Pre-Mounted with Rims (4pcs)


Like the name suggest PROCIRCUIT team wanted to make an optimum tread wear and easy to drive tire that would last longer and work better in a multitude of conditions and a variety of track surfaces from loose to high traction. So after several sessions designing, and receiving inputs from team drivers, we developed our first tire. Many tests later in different tracks all team drivers reported these tires are safe, give security and offer racers a confidence inspiring performance. Drivers also compared our first tire with other leading tires and reported that last much longer, so we finally decided to call them MARATHON. At the very base of the MARATHON is a T pin design which provides grip at a time when most tires are left bald. PROCIRCUIT did not miss a detail as the outer pins have already been clipped at a convenient angle for a smoother driving feel and transition.

Pins size is perfect for a variety of surfaces and excellent from loose to high traction tracks. Pins spacing optimizes traction and tread longevity. Tread pattern designed for optimum tread wear and tread-block stability and integrity.

Supplied pre mounted to yellow wheels. 



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