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myPro'sMaxXX Tamiya charger adapter to T plug *2pcs -wss

RM 6.50


Tamiya charger adapter to T plug *2pcs 


Have you ever found trouble in changing the plugs of your RC equipment?
It's not a hard task but it takes time, and needs some wire-cutting & soldering job. Introducing you the Plug-Pal RC plug convertor. It is made for troble-shoot this task and let you save much more time for your RC fun! Simply plug in and you can covert in between T-Plug & Tamiya-Type Plug. Wire-cutting-free makes your equipment in perfect condition! It is extremely good if you have several RC cars or ESC. Plug-pal makes them compatible!

Detailed Product Description


tamiya charger adapter: end:T plug M & FM
2.the other end:Tamiya M & FM
3. RoHS complaints



  • Inter-converting between T-Plug and Tamiya-Type Plug
  • No wire-cutting & soldering involved
  • Easy plug-in & remove
  • Higher compatibility of your RC equipment