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myPro'sMaxXX High Flex Brushless Motor Sensor Wire - 150mm

RM 5.99

myPro'sMaxXX High Flex Brushless Motor Sensor Wire - 150mm 

Detailed Product Description:

1.High Flex Brushless Motor Sensor Wire

2.It used to charge battery by just connector in the model.

3.high-quality wire

sensor cable
Motor wire
Terminal:ZH1.5, Housing:ZH1.5mm,
Wire:50/0.05, OD:1.0mm, Tube:4.6mm

sensor cable

Motor wire






L=60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm,

    150mm, 175mm, 200mm

Brushless Sensor Wire,High Flex 

Super soft silicone sensor wire for brushless motors.

This soft wire is very important on sensitive

This is a brand new factory sealed high flex brushless motor sensor wire

New extra-flexible high-quality sensor wires for your motor and speed control connections. The high-flex sensor wires make installation and usage in any R/C vehicle smoother and easier than ever before.