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myPro'sMaxXX Futaba / KO Connectors (M only) -wss

RM 1.59

Futaba / KO Connectors (M only) 


This Futaba J connector has a 0.1" pin spacing and mates with the female connectors found on many Futaba servos. 

It is keyed to enforce proper cable orientation when used with a corresponding female Futaba J connector, 

and it is also compatible with female JR connectors, which are not keyed. The crimp pins are designed for 22–26 AWG wires,

and crimping tool that works well with them. You can use these connectors to make your own custom servo cables or servo extension cables.

To assemble the connectors, push the crimped male pins into the female housing until you hear them lock into place 

(the prongs will protrude out of the connector sockets), and then slide that assembly into the shroud opening without 

the Futaba key slot such that the side of the female housing with the crimp pin latches faces the side of the shroud with the interior bump. 

If you have done things right, you will hear a snap when you push the female housing into the shroud, and it will lock in place.

We also sell JR connectors, which are very similar but lack the Futaba connector’s polarizing tab/slot, 

and we carry an variety of premade servo extension and splitter cables.