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MyPro'sMaxXX E-Clip Stainless Steel (10pcs)-wss

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BS E-Clip (Stainless Steel)



E-Clip inside Shock

E-Clip inside Shock

Definition: Certain cylindrical parts on an RC, such as hinge pins are held in place with flat, semi-circular steel fasteners called e-clips.

Places on an RC where you might find e-clips include in the shocks or other parts of the suspension, holding on the wheels of a Micro-T (instead of locknuts), in the brake assembly, and in the rudder assembly on some RC boats.

The e-clip is a small part that can sometimes pop off and get lost easily. Having a few extra e-clips on hand in your toolbox is a good idea. Major hobby RC manufacturers often provide kits or packages containing e-clips for specific RC models although generic e-clips will often work in a variety of RCs.



Also Known As: retaining clip
Alternate Spellings: eclip
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