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Mr. Linear Compressor Petit-Com PS351-wss

RM 350.00

Product Description
This item is an airbrush for modeling use.  
This is one tiny compressor! Gunze has dubbed this li'l rascal "Mr. Linear Compressor Petit-Com," and my goodness, it sure is! Just how petit? Check out these dimensions! Height: 115mm to top of handle, 85mm to top of body; Length: 108mm; Width: 70mm. Weighs in at a svelte 920 grams. Now, that's petit! More stats: Standard pressure rated at 0.05MPa; the maximum pressure possible is 0.085MPa. Moves air at a volume of 3 liters per minute. Can be used for 30 minutes continuously (and is rated for 3,000 hours of use!). Two types of air hose connectors are included: PS type (thin) and 1/8 threaded male type. The box says it's quiet, too, but no decibel ratings are given. Runs on standard Japanese power: AC100V. Power consumption: 15/14W. Rated frequency: 50/60Hz. Your country's power system may be different, so be sure to check if you need an electrical adaptor to use this little guy in your country. Don't want to blow him up!