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Maxell Silver Oxide Battery SR44W/SW

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Along with the technological progress of IC, LSI, and super LSI, the demand for smaller and thinner electronic devices has intensified. Maxell, with its know-how consolidated from many years of experience, has developed high-quality and extremely reliable Silver Oxide Batteries to meet these needs.


ModelNominal voltage
Ø x ht.(mm)Ø x ht.(inch)
High Drain
SR44W11.6 x 5.40.457 x 0.2131.55357D357V357, V541357
SR43W11.6 x 4.20.457 x 0.1651.55386D386V386, V548386
SR1130W11.6 x 3.050.457 x 0.1201.55389D389V389, V554389
SR1120W11.6 x 2.050.457 x 0.0811.55391D391V391, V553391
SR936W9.5 x 3.60.374 x 0.1421.55----
SR927W9.5 x 2.730.374 x 0.1071.55399D399V399, V543399
SR920W9.5 x 2.050.374 x 0.0811.55370D370V370370
SR41W7.9 x 3.60.311 x 0.1421.55392D392V392, V547392
SR726W7.9 x 2.60.311 x 0.1021.55396D396V396, V556396
SR721W7.9 x 2.10.311 x 0.0831.55361D361V361361-
SR626W6.8 x 2.60.268 x 0.1021.55376--376-
SR621W6.8 x 2.150.268 x 0.0851.55-----
Low Drain
SR44SW11.6 x 5.40.457 x 0.2131.55303D303V303, V521303
SR43SW11.6 x 4.20.457 x 0.1651.55301D301V301, V528301-
SR1136SW11.6 x 3.60.457 x 0.1421.55344D344V344, V529344-
SR1130SW11.6 x 3.050.457 x 0.1201.55390D390V390, V534390-
SR1120SW11.6 x 2.050.457 x 0.0811.55381D381V381, V533381-
SR1116SW11.6 x 1.650.457 x 0.0651.55366D366V366, V538366-
SR936SW9.5 x 3.60.374 x 0.1421.55394D394V394, V524394-
SR927SW9.5 x 2.730.374 x 0.1071.55395D395V395, V523395-
SR920SW9.5 x 2.050.374 x 0.0811.55371D371V371, V537371-
SR914SW9.5 x 1.450.374 x 0.0571.55-----
SR916SW9.5 x 1.650.374 x 0.0651.55373D373V373, V539373-
SR41SW7.9 x 3.60.311 x 0.1421.55384D384V384, V527384-
SR731SW7.9 x 3.10.311 x 0.1221.55329D329V329, V525329-
SR726SW7.9 x 2.60.311 x 0.1021.55397D397V397, V536397-
SR721SW7.9 x 2.10.311 x 0.0831.55362D362V362, V532362-
SR716SW7.9 x 1.680.311 x 0.0661.55315D315V315, V530315-
SR712SW7.9 x 1.290.311 x 0.0511.55346-V346346-
SR626SW6.8 x 2.60.268 x 0.1021.55377D377V377, V565377-
SR621SW6.8 x 2.150.268 x 0.0851.55364D364V364, V531364-
SR616SW6.8 x 1.650.268 x 0.0651.55321D321V321, V540321-
SR527SW5.8 x 2.70.228 x 0.1061.55319D319V319319-
SR521SW5.8 x 2.150.228 x 0.0851.55379D379V379, V520379-
SR516SW5.8 x 1.650.228 x 0.0651.55317D317V317, V566317-
SR512SW5.8 x 1.250.228 x 0.0491.55335-V335335-
SR421SW4.8 x 2.150.189 x 0.0851.55-----
SR416SW4.8 x 1.650.189 x 0.0651.55337--337-
SR4411.6 x 5.40.457 x 0.2131.55S76EMS76V76PX, V13GS, V357-
SR4311.6 x 4.20.457 x 0.1651.55S41EMS41HV12GS, V386-
SR113011.6 x 3.050.457 x 0.1201.55389-V10GS, V389-
SR112011.6 x 2.050.457 x 0.0811.55391-V8GS, V391-
SR417.9 x 3.60.311 x 0.0831.55S312EMS312--
4SR4413.0 x 25.20.512 x 0.9926.2544PX28V28PX-