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at all times. The charger also has pulse width modulation for efficiency and, exclusive to LRP, an auto restart system in case of power failure whist charging Control of the charging is achieved by the use of four buttons with a user defined setting system to allow you

Product Information
A professional battery management system for the racer who wants a stand alone charger. The Pulsar Sport features all the advanced charging capabilities of the top of the line Pulsar competition at an affordable price. The Pulsar Sport charger has an easy to read LCD display that is constantly being updated as it works to keep a stream of information concerning the condition of the charge to get 100% charges every time you use the charger



  • Battery charging with Pulse width modulation circuits for efficiency as well as Auto restart and saveable charge programme settings.
  • Operation Micro processor driven menu controlled by push buttons for navigation
  • Supply voltage 12vdc
  • Output range 1.2v to 9.6vdc
  • Charge rate 0.1 to 7.0 amps
  • Peak detection Adjustable Delta Peak
  • Connections Fixed wires with clips
  • Display Multi function large display LCD
  • Protection Internal fuse