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LRP 41010-LRP Electronic's LRP Micro Charger

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Product Information

The Micro Charger is a fully functional universal fast charger in a micro package. For example, you can perfectly charge your transmitter batteries with adaptive charge current or a 6-cell battery pack within 30-40 minutes. As a safety measure and for best results, the charging cycle is monitored by LRP's P.C.S. Peak Capacity System.


  • Suitable for NiMH + NiCd batteries
  • Quick charging currents up to 4A
  • Trickle charging current 0.15A
  • LED indicated charge status
  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Operating voltage: 12V - 14V through car battery or power supply
  • Automatic cut-off: P.C.S. (Peak Capacity System)

Charger Specifications

Applications6-8 cells 1000-4000mAh NiCD/NiMH
Input Voltage12-14 Volts DC
Min Input Amps4 Amps Minimum
Peak DetectionYes
Charge Rate0.8 to 4.0 Amps
Racing Batteries6 Cells/7.2V 4.0 Amps Fixed
 7 Cells/8.4V 2.2 Amps Fixed
Transmitter Batteries8 Cells/9.6V 0.8 Amps Fixed