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HSP#94129 Video R/C Simulator Set

RM 65.00

Video R/C Simulator Set

Operation Procedures:

1)Connect the simulator set to the USB slot on your computer  then open the software..
2)Follow all instructions on the computer and makes some adjustments to start your R/C game..
3)Read this manual carefully before use..

Video R/C Simulator Set
Minimum system requirements:
-Windows 2000 or XP
-Processor with 1 GHz or better
-128 MB RAM
-Graphics card with hardware T&L e.g. GeForce 3,Radeon  9000 or similar
-Monitor resolution 1024x768 pixels
-56Kbps dial-up Internet connection

Recommended system requirement
-Windows XP
-Processor with 2 GHz or better
-512 MB RAM
-Graphics card with hardware T&L e.g GeForce FX5600 Radeon 9800 or similar
-Monitor resolution 1280x1024 pixels
-USB Port
-ADSL,DSL or cable Internet connection



Shipping Method Domestic Oversea 


Kangaroo Worldwide service YES - Penisular Malaysia 
Pos Laju - -  
Pos Malaysia Airmail parcel  YES - Sabah,Sarawak,W.P.Labuan & P.Langkawi
Pos Malaysia Sea parcel - -  
Registered Pos Malaysia - -  
Pos Malaysia International Airmail parcel - YES Shiped Worldwide...
Pos Malaysia International Sea parcel - -