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G.T.Power 1-6S LiPO Balance Charger P6 W/capacity display CHARGE only

RM 75.00

This is the G.T. Power P6 1-6S Balance Charger
● The charger adopts a large scale IC and MCU control technique. It has six independent DC/DC converters, which
realizes the true parallel balance charge function and the highest charge efficiency.
●It can display the battery capacity percentage, also can be used as a battery checker to monitor the battery residual
capacity percentage when flying in the field.
● LED indication: red color for charging, green for charger ready or battery cell fully charged.
●Load polarity & short protection: input & output polarity protection.
●Sturdy aluminium case and exhaust fan for maximum heat dissipation.

Operating voltage range: 9-15 Volt

Charge current range: 0.5-2A

Net weight: 560g  20 oz.

Dimensions: 166×108×40mm   3.5"X4.3"X1.6"

Using P6 multi-adaptor, you can charge simultaneously: 2 x 3S or 1x 2S + 1 x 4S or 1x 2S + 1 x 3S or 3 x 2S