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Vertical Multi-function Socket

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Specifications: 280 * 95 * 180mm  
Weight: 1.80 kg.

Alas! Increasingly high land prices, the prices kept Mengcuan, wheat pole owe a bunch of debt, and finally in a 32-story tower, a Curie "temporary". Layout of the new home, wheat extremely familiar outlet actually cover the tower "game playing, single layer only four four three jacks, but layers heightening added four will have a 16 jack. This tower looks like the outlet end and the traditional lithographic outlet What is the difference?


A closer study found inside the doorway, the close proximity between the traditional outlet socket, insert the transformer size is different, it is easy to interfere with each other. Jack can not always take full advantage of, and the more traditional outlet socket, the greater the surface area occupied by, for security reasons, the outlet above can not put other things, the waste of space. Tower outlet pagoda-like shape, each side can be individually inserted into a larger plugs or adapters, even if you put all the socket was filled not affect each other, and never crowding the space, it is very convenient. More convenient is added to the bottom 5V USB interface can charge for mobile phones and other digital devices, no longer have to open the computer to charge!




The each layer pagoda outlet can be opened to be used alone, the power can be independently controlled by the button, the button is pressed, the LED lights up, indicating that the power is turned on, press the button, the LED lamp is off, the power is turned off, the operation safer. It can also continue to base, from layer to layer, how much you want to, you can freely control, even though many home appliances can easily solve the power problem.









This versatile pagoda outlet from the German manufacturer holiness Paul it with plastic for high-quality PC material, reliable quality, jack high-quality spring Copper Blade copper through nickel at the treatment, no rust, and pull the insert also is not easy to produce sparks, security is guaranteed.

95cm high 280cm diameter base 180cm