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Prolux #2710 / 2710A Micro Tachometer

RM 119.99

Micro Tachometer - Airplane Accessories #2710 / 2710A 

Micro Tachometer Character:
1. It looks fancy and is compact in size
2. Very handy to use
3. It measures 2, 3 and 4-blade prop rpm
4. It shows 4 digits in a 0-32000 rpm range
5. It comes with a replaceable 3V 220mAH LITHIUM Battery
6. There is an auto shut-off function (no signal detected in 120 seconds)
7. When the LOW BATTERY icon is on, the battery needs to be replaced
8. It won't waste any electric power (0£gA) when the TACH is not in use.This may prolong the life of the battery