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Pro'sKit #SS-989B 2 In 1 SMD Hot Air Rework Station (220V)700W

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  • 2 in 1 Rework Station to save the cost 
    Antistatic soldering iron and hot air desoldering 2 in 1 design to save the cost 
  • Closed Circuit Sensor Design 
    Closed-loop temperature control for accurate and air-flow-independent temperature 
  • High Power, Quick Warm Up Times 
    High heating power, warm up quickly, adjustable temperature and air flow for easy surface or hole mount components QFP, SOP type IC devices rework. 
  • Individual Function Start Save Energy 
    Individual function starts save energy, or share function by 2 users at the same time, three knobs control hot air volume, hot air temperature, and soldering iron temperature 
  • LED Digital Display 
    Digital LED displays for both rework and soldering station 
  • Applicable to most of branded nozzles and tips 
    High Quality heating element and nozzles, also applicable to most of branded heating element and nozzles 
  • Quiet in operation 
    Diaphragm pump with maximum capacity at 24L/min, equipment noise less than 45dB, wind volume and temperature are adjustable, suitable for many kinds of use 
  • Auto Cool-Off Process to prolong the life of heating element 
    After power switch is turned off, the auto cool-off process leaves the blower on until the nozzle is cool in order to prolong the life of heating element and to ensure safety 
  • ESD Safe Design 
    Prevent static and leakage electric to damage the PCB 
  • Interchangeable and applicable to most of branded hot air nozzles and tips 
    Interchangeable hot air nozzles design for different type of surface mount components. 3 nozzles included with this rework station.

Product Name:SS-989B


Power Input
220V /  50Hz
Power Consumption
Soldering Power
Temperature Range
200~ 480°C
De-soldering Temperature Range
100°C ~ 420°C
Heating Element
Metal Heating Core
Pump/Motor Type
Diaphragm Pump
Air Capacity
Equipment noise
Temperature Display
330(L) x 275(W) x 195(H)mm
Soldering Stand
Soldering Iron 60W
Replacement Nozzle:
9SS-900-A1 (2.2mm) x 1pcs
9SS-900-A2 (6.6mm) x 1pcs
9SS-900-A3 (8.5mm) x 1pcs


     Individual Packing
    • Color Box




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