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MORGAN FUEL Cool Power MV 4-Cycle PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC (15% - 1 Gallon) for Heli & Airplane #140509

RM 119.99



For over 35 years Cool Power's quality and performance have been proven again and again. In countless competitions and endless hours of weekend flying, it exceeds the demands of the most demanding pilots. This is why it continues to be the #1 Selling Fuel worldwide. Continued improvement in synthetic formulation is what gives Cool Power its advantage. It combines high-temperature performance and protection for the unique conditions of model engines. Cool Power is the confirmed Global Benchmark for Synthetic Model Fuels.




Blend Nitro Lub Lub Pkg
Cool Power 4-Cycle 15% 17% 50% Castor & 50% Synthetic Blend


# Flammable, cannot be shipped via Air # Labuan,Sabah & Sarawak shipped by Sea 15-30days


Shipping Method Domestic Oversea 


Kangaroo Worldwide service YES - Penisular Malaysia 
Pos Laju - -  
Pos Malaysia Airmail parcel  - -  
Pos Malaysia Sea parcel YES


Sabah,Sarawak,W.P.Labuan & P.Langkawi
Registered Pos Malaysia - -  
Pos Malaysia International Airmail parcel - -


Pos Malaysia International Sea parcel - YES Shiped Worldwide...