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Mini RC Autobike #2012

RM 49.99

Mini RC Autobike #2012


  • Product Name:Autobike R/C Toy 2012-3 (Green)
  • Item Code:2012-3
  • Category:R/C Mini Autobike
  • Short Description:

    good item 

  • Quantity:1   Piece


Main Feature:

Features Forward, Backward, turn Left & Right, accelerate, light
Reliable frequency selection and strong anti-interference ability
Good idea as a gift for children and great collection 
Remote control powered by 4 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
Charge: Open the clear plastic cover, take out the plug of charge,

then insert the plug of charge into the charge Jack on the racing autocycle,

the indicator lamp lights will come on 
Note: Suitable for kids over 5 years old

Extend the transmitter antenna when in use; slide the power switch of the autocycle to "ON" position.

Place the racing autocycle on the flat place.
Controller Button Function:
Press the controller button, the indicator light on the controller will light up follows you press the controller button.
When pressing the forward/backward button, teh racing autocycle will go forward/backward, meanwhile, the front/rear light will light up.
When pressing the forward/backward button, and also press down the turn left/right button,

the racing autocycle will turn left/right.
Press the speedup button while forward, the racing autocycle will speed up; the racing autocycle will speed down automatically while press the left/right button, this safety feature will result in the reduction of accidents.

weight:0.42 kg 
size:18*9*16 cm

1 x Autocycle
1 x Remote Control
1 x Antenna
1 x Manual


Don`t touch the antenna during operating, or the controlled distance may be affected; the broken antenna should be deal with by the adult.
Body with built-in 2.4V rechargeable battery, charging of the body, to be conducted under the guidance of an adult.
New and used batteries of different types of batteries are not to be mixed.
Batteries are to be inserted with the correct polarity, avoid install of mistake.