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HSP#70111-Power Starter Back Plate (Rotor Starter)

RM 149.99


Part No.: 70111

Part Name.: Easy power starter

Product Description

Brand New HSP Powerstarter (rotostart) Suits Nitro Motors For HSP Tyrannosaurus, Atomic Warhead, Bazooka, Tornado; Windhobby Behemoth, Sidewinder Nitro Vehicles!




This power starter is used to replace your pull start, simply remove your pull starter & attach the included rear motor plate to your motor, attach the power starter & press the power button. No more pull starting or broken pull starters! Powered by 540 size electric motor (included) & 7.2V rechargeable battery (not included). Please check the details below for motor compatibility. This auction includes the backing plate to suit VX-16, VX-18,SH18,SH21 or VX-21 nitro motors and more (please see the list below).









Specifications : 
- Motor : RC 540
- Deceleration Ratio : 1:3.7
- Net Weight : 360g
- Powered By : 7.2V Rechargeable Battery Pack (not included)
- Suits Motors : VX-15cxp, VX-16cxp, VX-18cxp, VX-21 etc (the motors found in Atomic Warhead, Tyrannosaurus, Beast Buggy VH-X5, Beast Lamborghini VH-A6 etc) - see the list below for other compatible motors.


Package included: 
- HSP Power Starter
- Rear Motor Plate To Replace The Pull Starter
- Turning Stick
- User manual



#Battery not included



Separately Required Items Remark
 7.2V Ni-Mh battery