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H.A.R.D. H3 Starter Box =H6510N

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oday’s high powered RC engines are big, they’re beefy, and can generate some serious road pounding torque.

Starting these engines requires a serious starter box. Especially in the heat of competition or on a factory fresh engine that needs to be broken in. If you’re looking for a starter box that’s lightweight, sturdy and with enough power and flywheel churning muscle to get the job done… you’ve come to the right place!

We here at H. A.R.D. know that the right equipment can mean the difference between crossing the finish line first and not even getting to the starting line. That’s why we developed the high powered H3 On-road and Off-road Starter Boxes. 

H3 Starter Box 


?Awesome 775 Power

775 motor

Built for power and with the innovative design, the H3 sports a high revving 775 motor to kick start any engine on the market from .12 to .30 and beyond. With almost twice the power of standard 5 40 motors, this power plant has more than enough torque to get that piston off of top dead center without a fight, where some starter boxes wimp out and grind to a halt.

The starting wheel is made of a high density rubberized material and sits well above the starter box surface to reach up and grab any size flywheel, especially those stubborn .21 -.30 size engines. Combined with specialized gearing and a tough drive belt, the H3 is the only starter box you will ever need.


?Durable and Versatile 

H.A.R.D. engineers did their homework on the H3 design as well. Unlike the generic aluminum box design of most starter boxes, the tough-as-nails composite casing is scratch resistant, fuel resistant and strong, yet lightweight for easy transport.

The advantage of a molded casing makes the H3 stand out above the rest of the pack. Built-in handles, adjustable chassis brackets, a convenient glow igniter holder and a non-conductive surface are just some of the innovations built into the H3. Why the extras? It’s because the H3 is designed for racers who demand more than just good looks from their equipment. 

Convenient handle & non-conductive surface


The H3‘s multi-purpose design allows you to quickly and easily change the starting wheel 90 degrees to match the position of any flywheel. A few screws and a few minutes is all it takes to adjust the starting wheel to your vehicle.

Hardness nylon/metal material?&?Two position availible

When you’re ready to plant your chassis down and get cranking, the adjustable chassis brackets will position your vehicle perfectly over the starting wheel every time. That means less time starting and more time racing. 

Grow starter stay

Let’s face it… you can’t finish unless you get started.

?Built Smart

Everything built-in to the H3 is the result of collective forethought and smart engineering. 


  • The easy access battery compartment allows you to install 2 - 7.4v battery packs by simply removing the quick release front panel with a coin or flat head screwdriver 

    Easy to use - Battery compartment

  • A recessed Smart Switch prevents accidental shutting off when you need power it or powering on when stored in your RC bag 

    Smart switch

  • A metal reinforced chassis support keeps your car or buggy secure and stable while pressing down to meet the starter wheel. 

    Durable chassis support

  • The wear resistant material used in the starting wheel lasts up to 5 times longer than other rubber wheels 

    Good wear resistant starting wheel

  • The quality nylon/metal construction gives you the best of both worlds… strength and durability in a lightweight package. 

    High quality nylon/metal construction


Clearly, the H3 Starter Box is built smart, built for performance, built to last and built to win. But more importantly, it is built for you. 


H3 Starter Box


That’s the Power of H.A.R.D. ! 


#Battery not included



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