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For the hobby makers across the globe, there are few types of woods they prefer to choose to make models. Among them, balsa wood is always the most favourite type. The balsa wood is flexible and strong, and so it could ease the difficulty to assemble the models and guarantee the strength at the same time. If fact, the flexibility and stability expand the application of balsa wood. In other fields, including building the real planes and boats, balsa wood could make its effort.

Balsa tree comes from the South America. The aborigines used it to make the boats and the boats have been prevened to be strong and flexible. Perhaps the hobby makers have other choices while making other models. For example, the bicycle models or the tower models could be made from the steel wires. Frankly, while making these models, the wires are more suitable than the balsa wood. However, when it comes to make boat models, the balsa wood is the choice that could not be better.

The steel may sink while placing on the water. Even you are endowed with the gift to create a pressure-tight air chamber to stop sinking, you would have to make more effort to prevent the rust. If the hobby makers choose the balsa wood to make the boat models, as we all know, the density of the wood is lighter than the water, so the wood could float on the surface of the water for its original nature. Besides, the makers never need to worry about the rust. All they need to do is to paint the boat to prevent the rotting.

While the hobby makers are going to make the model planes, they will choose the balsa wood as well. That is because of its lighter weight. Generally, the planes need to to lighter and so it could fly with less energy. If you choose the steel or other metal material to make the planes, you will have to make a greater effort to enhance the capacity of the power engine.

Further more, the balsa wood is easy to assemble. You could glue the pieces of balsa woods together with the suitable adhesives while there are none type of adhesives which are designed for the metals. So if you are going to make the models, balsa wood would be your best choice.