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There are various kinds of wooden models and crafts both in domestic and international markets. And balsawood is one of the ideal choices to make modles or crafts since it is soft, lightweight and easy to work with. Designing a balsa wood house model will be a fun and interesting work and there is also many people who are interested in doing it actually. Comparing with plastic or other material, balsa wood can give a look like varnished oak. Here we will tell you how to make DIY balsa wood house model.

First of all, prepare what you will need, like 1/2-inch balsa wood, felt, sandpaper, wood putty, wood screws, clay mold and so foth.

Second, sketch the original wooden house. You can draw your expected house model down on the paper. Ensure that you can take perspective sketches from different angles and sides from above, within and in front of the house actually. Draw it details as detailed as possible. And decide on a scale for the model.

Third, you should break the balsa wood house model into different sections. One section should be the outside walls and each room should be a different section. You can design the inside of the building and add the exterior as you like.

Fourth, saw a 1/2 inch piece of balsa wood for a base board. Saw the balsa wood carefully to make an ideal base board.

Fifth, cover the base board with felt, sandpaper or construction paper to recreate grass or other ground textures. To cover the board to make the flower, garden or grass to make your balsa wood model house more beautiful and vivid.

Sixth, use the glue you have prepared to glue 3 or other yard equipment to the balsa wood surface to make the yard for your model house. You can put the miniature flowers or trees which can be bought at crafts stores in your back or front yard to enhance the beauty and elegance of your model house.

Seventh, saw pieces of balsa wood to scale for the house. The typical external wall of a model house will be ten inches wide and five inches high. Secure the walls and roof in the place with wood screws. Use the wood putty to cover the screw heads. Then mold clay figurines for the home's residents and place them on the balsa wood board. Then you will get your expected balsa wood model house.