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The balsa wood is familiar to the builders of models,since the balsa wood is widely used in making models of airplanes, rockets or other vehicles. The builders are always worry about cracks or gaps during or after building. But the balsa wood is easy to work with, because of its lightness and strongness, the builders of models can repair the gaps or cracks of the balsa wood by themselves if they know how to do. This article is about how to fix balsa wood. If you want to learn the method, several tools should be supplied first: newspaper, balsa wood model, ruler, yellow carpenter's glue, X-Acto knife, balsa wood sheets, fine-grit sandpaper, cloth, yellow wood glue, masking tape, medium-grit sandpaper, lightweight spackle and putty knife. 

Steps 1
In order to protect your table from any dripped glue when you are using yellow wood glue, you need to lay a piece of newspaper down on your working surface. Use the ruler measure the length and width of the crack or gap in your balsa wood model. According the size of the crack or gap on your model that has been measured, use a craft knife to cut a thin repair strip from an extra balsa wood sheet.

Step 2
Check if the balsa strip which is cut from the other balsa wood is suitable for the crack or gap. Use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the repair strip lightly until it is suitable for the crack or gap. Use a clean cloth to clean all sanding dust away from the repair strip after sanding the strip. Glue the repair strip to the crack or gap of the models with a thin bead of yellow wood glue. Use a clean cloth to wipe the excess glue from the model. Use the masking tape to hold the repair tight. Wait about one hour to allow the repair to dry. 

Step 3
Finally, the balsa wood model is nearly to be fixed up. Use a medium-grit sandpaper to sand any ridges of dried glue away after removing the masking tape. Hold the repair up to the light and examine the repair for any remaining dents or imperfections. If there are still some dents or imperfections, sand them away with the medium-grit sandpaper.