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Since balsa wood is broadly applied, someone may wonder to know what is balsa wood. Well, balsa wood is a type of light and strong wood. The most popular application of balsa wood is used to make models. In addition to the wide applications, are you interested in the usage of balsa wood, such as the cutting or bending method?

How could you cut balsa wood?
Generally, the balsa wood is easy to cut due to its softness. The factor you need to remember is that the balsa wood is born with different thickness and so you need to choose the different tools to cut the wood. While placing the balsa wood on the table and trying to use the knife to cut it, you should better place a cutting board between the wood and the table to avoid to cut the table and protect the blade from damaging. From the start, you need to release your strength slowly. Try a little harder after having made sure the wood could be cut by the knife.

How to bend balsa wood?
Although the balsa wood is flexible, you need to be careful while you need to bend it. In order to make the wood become more flexible to bend it without breaking, you could soak the wood in the mixture of water and ammonia. According to the thickness and the size of balsa wood, the time you need to soak could be different. After soaking, you need to make the balsa wood in the desired shape and tape it. You would need to wait a few days to let the balsa wood dry throughly.

How to fix balsa wood products?
While the cracks appear on the balsa models, you don't need to worry too much and you could repair them. If the model is glued together, you could separate the model into parts easily. Finding the broken parts and make another part as similar as it. Remove the dry glues and then you could assemble the model again. Besides, the areas you place the models should be clean, dry and cool.

Now, you have known what is balsa wood. Maybe you are trying to make your own balsa planes or other models. If so, you need to buy the high quality balsa wood. 

Balsa block 930mm
Balsa block 930mm
Balsa block 1000mm
Balsa block 1000mm