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Balsa wood is light and soft, but it is strong enough to bear the pressure which is for its weight. Balsa wood can be easily cut by using a craft knife instead of using a saw since the balsa is so soft. Its softness makes it easy to be used, but on the other side, it is too soft to bear the pressure of structures that need a little more strength. In order to make the balsa wood be more widely used, we need to strengthen it sometimes. Before strengthening the balsa wood, we need to prepare some tools: craft knife, balsa wood, wood-hardening solution, large disposable tray or resealable plastic container, tongs, waxed paper, quick-set epoxy, disposable paintbrush and so on.   

Step 1
Since the balsa wood is still soft, you can use the craft knife to cut it into the shapes you need for your project easily. Make sure the disposable container that you have prepared is large enough to fit the balsa wood in it. Pour enough wood hardener into the disposable container to make the hardener in the container is deep enough to cover the thickest part of the balsa wood you've cut.

Step 2
Use the tongs to make each piece of wood is submerged in hardening solution. If the disposable container is big enough, you can submerge the pieces of balsa wood all at once. If the container isn't big enough, you have to submerge them in turn. Whatever, maker sure they are completely coated. Keep them under the harder until no bubbles rising from the spongy wood which means the wood cannot soak up any more hardener.

Step 3
Turn over the wood pieces to let the other side dry for the same time while one side has been dried for the allotted time. Use a craft knife to cut one pair of pieces from the balsa wood. Use this pair of pieces to cut the second one and make sure the two pair of pieces can be pressed together back-to-back. 

Step 4
Coat one of each pair of balsa wood pieces with epoxy resin by using the paintbrush. Make sure the epoxy resin has been covered the whole piece. Apply epoxy in a line around the outside edge of the wood in the case of  the wood is too big or the resin too thick to cover the entire thing. Push the two pieces of wood firmly together and use wood glue to glue them.